Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Click the video above to see Malaysia Airlines Business Class reviewed on a flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia Airlines Short Haul Business Class

There’s a huge amount of competition when flying Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, with a choice of many low cost airlines and traditional carriers (at one point even Lufthansa flew this route!). We’re looking for the nicest business class experience, so have chosen Malaysia Airlines with their brand new 737-800 plane for today’s trip.


Malaysia Airlines Business Class Check-In Experience

Unless you’re flying Thai Airways first class, the check-in experience in Bangkok is much of a muchness. Everyone has the same sort of check-in desks, and it all comes down to whether there’s queue or not.

Fortunately we are checked in within a couple of minutes and are able to trek and trek the long winding route up and down through security, emigration and duty free before finding a lounge to rest our feet. There’s a lot of OneWorld lounge options here, and our Malaysia Airlines business class ticket lets us go in to any (or all!) of them. Cathay’s lounge is open and convenient, so a quick drink is procured before we carry on our long walk to the gate.

Bangkok’s airport is spacious and full of natural light – but it’s officially one terminal, so you can walk miles between check in, the lounge and your gate. We time the trip well so boarding is just starting and we’re able to get straight on board this modern aircraft.


Onboard Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Onboard this Malaysia Airlines plane, first impressions are great. The 737 has the new ‘Sky Interior’ for extra headroom and mood lighting, the seats are in great condition and everything is clean and tidy.

The business class seats are wide recliners, laid out 2×2. Economy sees a traditional 3×3 layout, with leather seats throughout. MAS’s business class seats are big enough for just about everyone, and there’s wide arms & a small drinks table to keep you separated from your neighbour.

The wide purple business class seats are comfortable, with plenty of leg room and recline. You wouldn’t want to fly overnight in these, but for a 2 hour evening flight, this is just about perfect. European short haul (which is normally regular economy seats with a blocked middle) seem laughably bad in comparison. There’s even a small TV in the back of each seat so you can follow the moving map, and a pillow and blanket in case you want to rest. You couldn’t ask for more on a service like this.


Malaysia Airlines Business Class Food & Drink

We’re offered drinks before take-off, but there’s no champagne or wine – only soft drinks are available at this time. After take off, the friendly crew come round with a trolley offering 2 choices of food. We go for a basic chicken breast and vegetables, and it’s served with a salad and dessert. A few minutes later we’re offered a choice of breads, including hot garlic bread.

There’s then a wait for everyone else in the cabin to be served before the next trolley with drinks come round. This time we’re able to get a glass of wine, but it’s a shame we’ve had to let our dinner get cold whilst we wait.


Best Malaysia Airlines Business Class Seats

All the seats have decent leg room, and would suggest picking row 1 if you don’t want anyone reclining in your space. If you’re after ultimate leg room though, pick row 2 or 3 – you’ll still have plenty of space.


Malaysia Airlines Business Class Conclusions

Malaysia Airlines know they have to compete with Thai for premium customers, and the likes of Air Asia on price. The service they’ve come up with is a great compromise that offers everything you need for such a short flight, and is recommended. Reasonable food and drink, decent service and a comfortable spacious seat ticks all the boxes.


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