Qatar Airways 777 Business Class

Click the video above to see Qatar Airways 777 Business Class reviewed on a flight from Doha to London.


Qatar Airways 777 Business Class

Qatar Airways business class flights have a great reputation, but the seats and beds they use vary a lot depending on which type of aircraft you fly on. Whilst British Airways has the same consistently solid but uninspiring seat on just about all their aircraft, Qatar Airways has some fabulous seats and some not so great ones.

Whilst we’re keen to review as many seats as possible, the Qatar Airways 777s didn’t have the best of reputations so we normally avoided them; unfortunately we needed to travel to the UK at short notice to visit a friend in hospital and the 777 was the next flight out. As a result, we got to review Qatar Airways 777 business class on this short daytime flight from Doha to London.


Qatar Airways Business Class Check-In Experience

We checked-in in at their dedicated (and since closed) premium terminal. This is a separate building to their main terminal and used only by business and first class passengers. We were quickly seen to and our bag tagged with no delays – it was then apparent just how much of their traffic is connecting through Doha, rather than starting there. You soon join connecting passengers going through security, and there were queues and queues of people who had just landed on a Qatar Airways flight and were about to take another one out of Doha. It’s an interesting business model, and means the airport is geared up to satisfy the needs of jetlagged passengers who are killing a few hours before flying on to their real destination.

A walk through a small duty free shop (there’s no getting away from these, even in premium terminals) let to escalators leading to the a whole floor of lounges. The business class lounge was just huge, like an endless hotel lobby. Kids were looked after with a dedicated room featuring toys and video games, whilst their parents had a choice of a restaurant area, a buffet area and plenty of seats and sofas dotted around the place. Whilst huge, the place was heaving with passengers – we could still find seats, but only by having a walk around.

We had 30 minutes to pass until our Qatar Airways 777 started boarding, so grabbed some pastries and a juice (though alcohol was also available) for a quick sit-down. Every few minutes though we were interupted by some Qatar Airways ladies asking us if we were flying to a particular destination, as boarding had closed for that flight and they were missing some passengers. Eventually we pulled out our boarding passes and left them visible on the talbe – it bought us some peace.

The downside of Qatar Airways’ premium terminal is that it is a long way from the planes – so every gate is a bus departure, and we had a long ride on it to the plane. Now, it could have been far worse – whereas BA jam as many people as possible in to a regular bus, Qatar Airways have special business class busses that come with individual chairs on them and no-one has to stand.


Onboard Qatar Airways 777 Business Class

Qatar Airways 777 business class has a bit of a poor reputation for being a dated product – and when we stepped on board, we could see this was justified. Seats were laid out in a 2-2-2 formation, which meant that if you had a window seat then you were going to have to do some gymnastics if you wanted to climb over your neighbour.

The seats were in no way innovative, so you had very little privacy – if you didn’t know your neighbour before flying, then you probably would by the end of the flight! The whole thing felt like an old-school set-up when business class seats merely reclined a bit rather then turning in to beds.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case here – the seats went fully flat, and the crew even handed out pyjamas with the amenity kit. We got a glass of champagne before take-off, and explored the in-flight entertainment. There wasn’t a huge amount of choice, but the screen was massive! Certainly had enough to keep us entertained for the duration of the flight, but it would be a different story if we were flying Qatar Airways each week.


Qatar Airways’ Business Class Food & Drink

Whilst the hard business class product on board Qatar Airways’ 777 wasn’t great, the soft product should be just good as you’d normally get on their other planes. This means good quality wines and – best of all – a dine on demand menu. Most airlines’ business class make you eat when the food is ready, which is not great news if you’ve been travelling and are jet lagged or out of sync with the rest of the onboard travellers.

Soon after take-off, whopping great leather menus were handed out to each passenger – it was like dining in a 1990s restaurant! The contents weren’t much better, with a thoroughly uninispiring choice of main courses. This is not much of a problem on Qatar Airways, as they also have a snack menu with decent-sized portions – so we mixed and matched.

Each table was formally set with a tablecloth, bread plate, your own bread basket, salt and pepper – the lot! We started with the traditional mezze plate offered on each flight – always a solid and safe option to go for.

The snack (taking the place of the main course) was a panini with potato wedges which arrived a bit dry and overcooked – so we made sure to have some great cheeses for dessert along with a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. Having traveled with Qatar Airways on other occasions, we know this was an off-day for them – but disappointing food quality nonetheless.


Best Qatar Airways 777 Business Class Seats

The best business class seats are those in the middle of Qatar Airways’ 777 – these have direct aisle access, and no-one stepping over you. If you’re travelling as a couple, and either have a large bladder or a high tolerance for being knocked in the night as you’re clambered over, then the window pair seats will do but solo travellers should definitely avoid them.


Qatar Airways 777 Business Class Conclusions

Qatar Airways is proud of its business class products, and invests heavily to show off its fancy planes with new seats. Sadly, these 777 business class seats are well past their best, and don’t have what we would consider standard features of today’s business class seats.

The lack of direct aisle access is poor, and the lack of privacy means that you should avoid flying them – many routes Qatar Airways fly have a choice of other aircraft, and it would be foolish to fly on a 777 if you have the choice to go on Qatar Airways’ newer A350s, A380s or 787s.


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