Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner Business Class

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Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner Business Class

Qatar have a great reputation for their business class service, having invested heavily to take market share away from other airlines. Their new 787s are an opportunity for them to further invest in their business class seats, so we checked them out just after they’d been launched on flights between Doha and London.


Qatar Business Class Check-In Experience

We got to check-in in Qatar Airways’ dedicated premium terminal, before it was closed down and moved to the new airport. Sadly they didn’t fully replicate this great experience in the new airport (check out our other reviews) but to be fair this is as good as it gets for business class check-in, and even exceeds all but a handful of first class check-in experiences. It was more like walking in to a five star hotel – comfortable seating and desks, rather than the typical queues and baggage belts.

We were instantly seen to, and on our way to the lounges a minute later. The lounge was pretty good, but not world-class. Qatar’s own lounge in London beats this by a country mile – the buffet and snacks were dull, no real dining experience and poor atmosphere as agents kept asking if you were the missing passengers from whatever flight was trying to close. An OK place to pass the time, but certainly not something you’d get to the airport early for.

The downside of the old Premium Terminal was the fact that there were no airbridges. Fortunately the buses had armchairs (really!) in them, so travelling to the aircraft wasn’t too inconvenient.


Onboard Qatar Airways 787 Business Class

Any negative thoughts from travelling on a bus and climbing stairs were instantly forgotten as we entered the brand new 787.

Qatar have spent money on the interior of their planes, and it shows. A ‘cathedral’ style entrance shows off the height of the aircraft and gives a sense of space. This is carried through to the seats – wow – these are amazing.

Every single seat has direct aisle access, goes in a fully flat bed with hardly any bumps, and has plenty of storage – the holy grail of premium seats. Other airlines first class could learn a thing or two from this setup.

Qatar have removed the central overhead lockers so the cabin feels spacious even before you sit down and explore your seat. Once there you’ll find cubby holes to store your stuff, a small side table (great for putting papers and accessories on whilst dining) and even storage for your own bottle of mineral water.

A blanket and giant cushion are on your seat waiting for you, there’s wifi, SMS, power plugs, USB holes, a massive TV, and smart Android remote control – Qatar have basically ticked every option when buying these 787s. You can turn the TV off, but you can’t put it away which is a bit of a shame. The seats are all angled away from each other so there’s a decent amount of privacy, but no doors unlike on Qatar’s Q-Suite aircraft.


Qatar Airways Business Class Food & Drink

Shortly after getting settled, a member of cabin crew comes over with a bottle of 20 year old champagne to enjoy before we take off. There’s some disruption as passengers realise that the in flight entertainment isn’t working properly in business class. A veritable swarm of engineers surround our aircraft, trying to prod this new system in to life. After a 20 minute delay it’s realised that it’s not an easy fix so business class passengers will only have a limited range of movies to watch on this flight.

Most airlines would leave it at that, but a Qatar manager came on board and offered to arrange for any passenger who wanted working entertainment a car back to the terminal, and a car to the next service to London that was leaving an hour later. As we had some very nice champagne and a comfy seat, we stayed where we were…

After take-off, we decided to eat off the dine on demand menu. This menu had been put together with Nobu and looked great – we had some champagne and nuts whilst we chose. First off was a fancy amuse bouche, but it then went a bit downhill. The soup was fairly good, the mezze uninspiring, and the lamb main course was a bit like something you’d get at a student barbecue. The cheese for dessert was fine, but then that’s pretty hard to mess up.

It was all edible, but nothing stood out. If you’d had this on another airline you’d say it was fine but compared to many other meals we’ve had on Qatar, it was really disappointing.

After a short snooze on the flat bed (which was really flat and comfortable, top marks!) we wandered back to the bar area. There weren’t any seats, and it was nothing like you’d find on Qatar’s A380s, but it had champagne you could help yourself to and some snacks.


Best Qatar Airways 787 Business Class Seats/h2>
There’s a pair of seats tucked away behind the bar in a mini cabin, which could offer some privacy for a couple but we can’t recommend. They are next to the toilets and the baby seats from the cabin behind, so would suggest avoiding.

Row 1 has additional storage space and more room for you, so would recommend getting a window seat here.


Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner Business Class Conclusions

Qatar Airways 787 business class is one of the finest business class seats in the sky. If you called it first class, it would still be competitive – there is so much space and comfort. Food was disappointing on this leg, but the drinks and service were still top notch. Qatar Airways’ A380 offers the same seat and a big bar area, and their Q-Suites offer more privacy, but we’re comparing tiny differences here – if you flew business class on a Qatar 787 you would be happy!


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