Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

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Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Singapore Airlines have a fantastic reputation for their onboard service, good seats and great planes. They heavily invested in A380s, and keep their fleet modern (even retiring some A380s after just 10 years use!). Their business class is considered to be one of the world’s best, so we booked a flight from London Heathrow to Singapore Changi to find out if this was true.


Singapore Airlines Business Class Check-In Experience

The Heathrow Express train from Paddington took us to Heathrow in just 15 minutes – a time that can’t be beaten if you’re starting your journey from there, but it’s pricey – the one way ticket was about $50 in first class. It was a high quality service though – comfortable seats, plenty of space for luggage, and an empty carriage.

It was a five minute walk to the check-in area in terminal 3 – we were a little worried that they’d be winding down their services as Singapore Airlines was about to move to terminal 2 (see our other review for their new lounge) but it was normal service. There were separate desks for economy, business and first class passengers, but there were no queues at any of them. Other passengers had clearly arrived two hours before departure, rather than just turning up an hour before the flight. We were warmly welcomed and given directions to the Singapore Airlines business class lounge.

We were quickly though security and welcomed in to the busy lounge. It’s nowhere near as good as their new one in Heathrow Terminal 2, and had only only a few spare seats – but this is to be expected 45 minutes before an A380 departs! We were able to get a drink and a view of the runway before we were called to board from a nearby gate. Business class passengers had their own jetbridge, indeed their own floor on the Airbus – Singapore Airlines had kept economy passengers well away from the view of business class travellers!


Onboard Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

A multitudes of browns greeted us when we got on board – this plane looked like it had been designed in the 1970s, not the 21st century! The colour scheme may have been very dull, but the rest of the seating proposition was great – the whole upper deck was laid out in a 1-2-1 formation so every traveller had direct aisle access.

The rows were staggered to increase privacy, and these seats were w-i-d-e. Like seriously wide. You could fit multiple people in each seat if you wanted to, and Singapore Airlines had provided you a dedicated cushion to stop you sliding from side to side!

The downside of this layout was that your feet had a small shelf to fit in to when you laid down. If you are tall, then you are going to have to sleep diagonally in your bed as the foot shelf was angled to one side.

The seat came with an international power socket, USB charger and even a built-in mirror! The TV was fixed and a decent size, and there was a basic remote control that also had some basic flight details (like remaining time) on it. There was a big catalogue of movies, tv shows, and music to choose from – quite literally. The size of the entertainment magazine was bigger than some airline’s overall in flight magazines!


Singapore Airlines Business Class Food & Drink

Before take-off, the friendly crew came round with champagne and a basic amenity kit (that was bright blue and also felt very 1970s!). We later found out that the bathrooms had drawers of beauty items (like toothbrushes and razors) which seems like a good idea to cut down on waste.

We were soon up in the air after a ride down Heathrow’s typically gloomy and wet runway, and took advantage of Singapore Airline’s signature cocktail list to celebrate the start of our 13 hour journey to Asia. In order to minimise jet lag, we were having a big lunch and a long snooze so tried to take full advantage of the menu options.

A satay trolley came round first – just like Malaysia Airlines First Class – and we had a ‘flight’ of wines to decide which one to go with for our main course. Having settled on a delightful Sauvignon Blanc, it was time to enjoy the real starter of palma ham & pears, followed by a main of salmon and rice. Both dishes were pretty basic and flavourful – not too ambitious, but decent quality. A reasonable dessert, fancy ice cream, and great cheese board rounded off the meal. There was nothing stand out about this lunch, but the quality and service just oozed through – the interactions around the satay, wine tasting and serving of hot bread added small touches to a well designed and delivered meal. Impressive.

A decaffeinated cappuccino was then offered (something which British Airways restrict to their first class passengers) before we had a snooze. The other downside of these beds is that they need to be flipped over – you can’t just push a button when you want to snooze like you can with British Airways or American Airlines. Instead, a cabin crew member makes your bed up for you – which they did with no complaint, but it’s certainly more inconvenient. The benefit though is that you get a surface that’s dedicated to being a bed – it doesn’t need to be a seat as well. Add in a mattress and you’ve got a totally flat and comfortable surface – no lumps, bumps or gaps here. There’s even a ‘do not disturb’ light as though you’re in a hotel!


Best Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Seats

All the seats across the 20 rows in this A380 are great, but try and get the bulkhead seats if you can – as there’s no seat in front, you get the whole width for your legs to stretch out across.


Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Conclusions

Singapore Airlines has a great business class set up – everything is well designed and well thought-out, albeit with none of the ‘wow’ stand-out bling you might find elsewhere; instead they’ve focussed on getting each and every one of the basics firmly nailed.

You get a great seat, amazing bed, decent food and fabulous service from check-in to the leaving the plane. If you’re very tall you might find the seats slightly too short, but for the rest of this you can’t go far wrong booking Singapore Airlines business class.


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